On The Road Wife


So now that you know my BIG NEWS I can blog about normal life again. It’s going to be weird. Now that I’m the “property” of a “company” I’ll have to come up with even more weird pseudonyms and nicknames for stuff. So be on the look-out for that, haha.

Here’s a picture of my face, because this post is just a wordy one and who likes to look at blogs without pictures, right?


My sister took this over Thanksgiving and because she’s the best I’m sharing it with you.


Moving on.

When this show opportunity came up and Napkin and I were in the beginning stages of talking about it– one of the biggest issues was distance. It’s not that we aren’t used to being away from one another, but I’ve had control of my own schedule and was able to be with him when I needed or wanted to be. I’m apartment shopping now– and it’s just a bummer to think of how little we’ll get to see each other. Especially at a time in our lives where we are only beginning our journey together. Do you know what I mean?

When stuff like this happens, I have a tendency to call on the powers of the internet. I read other blogs, I look for people with similar circumstances, I read about their experiences and coping mechanisms. So you can imagine my frustration when nearly EVERYTHING I have found on the internet is about women being left behind by their husbands. I get it. A lot of these wives are also mothers and stay at home with their children while their husbands work to take care of them. I don’t really have a problem with that. But it was strange for me to not find a lot of women who were the ones leaving. It’s not that uncommon– especially in my line of work. In fact, I had a long talk with one of the dancers in the show I’m getting ready to join about how often she sees her husband (who lives a state away) and the difficulties they face.

I mean, I spent hours trying to find somebody, anybody, who was in the same boat as me. There are countless forums about this sort of thing. And they all are really one-sided. Here are a couple examples if you care to breeze through:

Long Distance Marriage Forum

A Blog About “Road Widows” or Women Who’ve Married Touring Musicians

A Wikihow About How To Be A Good Band Girlfriend


Like, really? And that’s just the tip of the google-search-iceberg. I know the music industry is incredibly male-centric… but I’m not the only woman who is a touring musician. I’m also not the only one who is married and making it work while I’m on the road. So?

Ladies, where are you?

And stay at home hubbies, what about you?



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