Korean Dramas Are Ruining My Life

So last week I blogged about this jaw surgery I had and how it was a much bigger deal than I thought it would be. Just so you don’t think I’m being over dramatic (I’m always over dramatic…) my oral surgeon even made a comment to Napkin about how I am a “light-weight” who will need more “down-time.”

Let me give you my example of “down-time.” My face is swollen. I am in the same pair of pajamas for three days. Napkin, bless his sweet, sweet heart, is checking on me every once in a while to make sure that my oxycodone dreams are still sweet, and I basically am in some other dimension. I wake up every once in a while, look at myself in the mirror, and cry. Then I fall back asleep and dream of milkshakes.


On the fourth day or so, I’m able bodied enough to, you know, bathe… and make soups and soft foods and do a lot of complaining. I also find the strength to take myself from my bedroom to the living room. I find random TV shows to watch and that’s basically where I am for another forty eight hours.

Korean culture is quickly replacing Japan for its sought-after weirdness… and it’s really surprising to see so many K-dramas available on Netflix. In fact, our Apple TV has an entire channel of Korean TV. So I was perusing and found this:

Rooftop Prince.


The cover is funny! So… Let’s dive in!

On Netflix, this show was described as a romantic comedy. I would like to give you a brief synopsis of the first episode:

It’s the past. A prince has a wife. She is found dead. He is really sad. Cut scene.

It’s the present. A man and woman, both with children, have decided to get married. There is a very little girl who is cute and excited about the whole thing. There is an older girl who is not excited about the whole thing. Older girl hurts little girl a lot. Then, she leaves her on a moving truck where the little girl will be taken away from her family. She is sad and scream-crying. Older girl looks on like, “IDGAF.” Cut scene.

It’s the even past–ier past… and two sisters (THEY LOOK VERY FAMILIAR)  are vying for the prince’s affection because they heard he was on the market and looking for a bride. Little sister is so excited because she thinks older sister will be queen and that will be so wonderful. Older sister is afraid that little sister will steal the spotlight SO SHE BURNS HER FACE WITH AN IRON. Cut scene.

It’s the present again. Guy is on a boat with his friend and his friend is like, “Your family owns a very profitable business and I want in on that shit.” Guy is like, “Sure, man.” Friend is like, “Not good enough!” So he THROWS HIM OFF THE BOAT AND HE DROWNS. Cut scene.

Still the present. Girl gets a call and says that they’ve found her long lost father! Finally! She goes to Korea to meet him… and ends up at his funeral because HE IS DEAD. She falls to the floor crying. Cut scene.

Back to the past. Really sad wife-less prince decides to put together a task force to find his wife’s killer.


Where was the romance?! Where was the comedy?!

I don’t think I have to even explain this to you …but after the episode I was definitely pain-killer’d up and on the couch like this:


Napkin came in around this time and was like, “What are you watching?! Why are you doing this to yourself?” And then I watched episode two.


Lucid post soon!


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