Tiny Victories

This is going to be one of those weird posts about nothing because I’m sitting at a car repair place with nothing but my Iphone and the wordpress app.

I had a serious “yes!” moment last night.

I have always loved perfume. I’ve also always been scared of it. Specifically, I’ve always been terrified of being one of those people you smell before you see. And to make matters worse, Napkin has the same sense of smell as, like, Super-Lassie. He is easily offended by a scented candle. He is downright insulted by Bath and Bodyworks.
I posted about my predicament before– (which is interesting to look back on because it also references the new job I just took. Their first offer was two years ago. Whoa.)

Anyway, I wanted a perfume specifically for my wedding (so that when I smelled it I could associate it with that day) but didn’t want to make Napkin pass out.
(Spoiler alert: He didn’t pass out.)

Since then– I’ve fallen in love with Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille but recently wanted to try something new. Maybe my nostrils were bored. I tried a few different samples but really fell in love the base honey notes in Ginestet Botrytis.

It’s sweet without being too sweet. It’s a very grown up floral scent but it’s not too overbearing. Does that make sense?

I got a small decant from The Perfumed Court and wore it for a couple of weeks in tiny, tiny amounts.
I would stand close to Napkin– give him the “Ahem!” look and wait for some sort of notice but he never blinked an eye (wiggled his nose?) So imagine my surprise when, last night, he hugged me and mumbled, “Hm. You smell good.”
I broke out in an anxious, happy, cold sweat.
“Oh? Do I?”
And that was it!


So if you’re looking for a fragrance that matches your desperate, anxious desire for approval. I recommend Ginestet Botrytis. Your easily offended husband will love it! (In his noncommittal, few words way.)


5 thoughts on “Tiny Victories

  1. Haha that’s a cute story. My husband isn’t picky but I’m a massage therapist so I can’t wear anything on the job, fragrance is a special occasion off duty kinda thing. My fav one is MAC’s turquoise.

      • Oooooh yeah! This is my all time FAV fragrance! You must stop by a MAC cosmetics and give it a sniff. It’s actually called turquatic after I looked it up but it comes Ina turquoise container. Let me know what you think.

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