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Budgeting is Boring

So I’ve gone on a spending freeze.

I took this job away from my hubby and my beautiful house, friends, life, etc. so that we could really put a pretty penny in our savings and, potentially, start thinking about starting a family. (How noncommittal, right? “Start thinking about starting to think…”)  Napkin and I both have pretty wicked cases of arrested development and so whenever the baby talk starts, we squirm and change the subject. But realistically– if it’s going to happen… it’s going to happen sooner rather than later.

Before I made the move to Murl Beach, we spent a good amount of time at the dinner table, coming up with a budget for each month. I won the battle for (a little bit of) fun money and we hemmed and hawed over potential utility bills, grocery lists and the like. When I got down here and settled into my apartment, everything changed. I spent more on utilities than we thought, my grocery bills were through the roof mostly due to my needing spices, oils and the other necessities required for someone who cooks. Neither of us realized just how expensive those would be to replace in one fell swoop. (Spoiler Alert: It’s a lot.) There was also the stuff I needed for my apartment. Cleaning supplies, sheets, THROW PILLOWS. It was way more expensive than we thought. All of these necessities served a purpose, though; They were an excuse for me to spend money.

Over the last couple of months it’s become a habit of mine to go shopping. Even, like, a hobby. My days before work consist of getting up, responding to emails, making breakfast, sitting on my porch with a cup of coffee and then going shopping. Usually it’s for house stuff and I give myself a limited amount of time so I can come home, change and then go to work around five in the afternoon. This would be okay every once in a while, right? But I’m doing it EVERYDAY. Well, almost every day. I’m doing it to the point that I’m draining my checking account and living almost paycheck to paycheck. How embarrassing. So! I gave myself a challenge. One that would be helpful financially and, hopefully, creative as well. I put myself on a spending freeze.

But here’s the thing. I’m totally bored. I’m obsessive compulsive about cleanliness as it is– so there’s no spring cleaning to be done here in my tiny apartment. That would be my go-to. So that’s out. I can’t bring myself to commit to a video game. I would be guilty and stop hanging out with anyone ever. So that’s out. Basically, since putting myself on a spending freeze– I’ve done a lot of this:

photo 2

That’s right. That’s my makeup-less face sitting on the couch while a very bored Molly sits behind me. Y’all, I’m SO BORED!! I’m bored to the point that I’ll show you my face with no makeup on! (Yes, there’s an Instagram filter– my blotchy skin needed it, okay?)

I know there are tons of things to do but I get so frustrated by not being able to spend money that I basically sit around all day and pout about how bored I am!

When I was little my mom used to say, “Only stupid people are bored.” This really affected me and so I was constantly looking for things to do to keep from feeling listless. But as an adult, trying to control the weather or come up with witches’ brews just don’t have the same affect as they did when I was little.

For the rest of the week, I’m going to blog each day about something that I did for free dollars. I’m trying to make it all the way through until next Tuesday and I need your help. Leave me your free dollar hobbies in the comments? Let’s do it together?


I mean– I’m ready for the spending freeze apocalypse. I got a full tank of gas, I went to the grocery store and spent a meager amount of money on groceries that SHOULD last me for the week. There’s not a single thing that I NEED to go out and get. But I’ll tell you this: I just ran out of Morningstar Buffalo Wings and I’m about to have a panic attack because I can’t stop by Target on the way to work to refill my supply of soy chicken.









19 thoughts on “Budgeting is Boring

  1. I remember when I tried to limit my impulse buys…never stays permanent. One thing you can do that’s free is research on free things to do in your area (parks, events, etc.). Or maybe sneak off to a Barnes & Nobles and read books,magazines,etc (libraries are even free-er…is that a word?).
    That’s all I got, good luck on your frugal endeavors!

    • Barnes and Noble– that’s a great idea! Fashion magazines for free! How long did you last on your last spending purge? I need all the help I can get…

      • Usually it’s three weeks because of rent since it’s due the first of every month. I last longer when I have bigger paychecks by working full time cause it’s easier to manage. Also at one point I was coupon clipping and I saved a lot of $$ on groceries that way. Y’know, I should get back into that haha.

  2. ooooo- i love this challenge! ok- first you should assess what kinds of supplies you have: like paperbags, and markers, and tape. then you might get an idea of something you have always wanted to make! you could make different outfits for molly (or hats) and try to get a picture of her in them to put up here. ooo- you could go out and take pictures! you could watch how to videos on things that you have access to (like hairdos and makeup). you could find out where the closest park is. you could volunteer! library!

  3. Oh boy. You know I did a version of this in January, and it is tough. I had a little less free time to fill, but I’d suggest
    – Library (they have magazines as well as books, DVDs, etc.). Some even offer classes.
    – Try a new form of exercise (is that so lame?)
    – Try some new recipes. I understand that in your situation, buying food stuffs might be an issue. But it might be fun to try something totally different (like the potentially disgusting granola bars I just made).
    – Write more blog posts. Brainstorm some post ideas so you’ll have them when you’re busy again back out shopping.
    – Write letters. Like, to a random friend. Or postcards even. (Are you snoring yet?)
    – FInd out if there are any free days at local museums (assuming Murl has a museum?)
    – Do something crafty. I am not crafty so of course I have no idea what this would be.

    Anyway, I feel ya. For what it’s worth, you look amazing without make up and those throw pillows were TOTALLY WORTH IT. xoxo

    • I really, REALLY needed to hear that’s throw pillows were worth it. Thank you for that!! Murl Beach is a little low in the (free) culture department– but I may be able to spend a whole day trying to prove myself wrong…so there’s that.
      Letters are SUCH a good idea. I’ve always loved a good penpal!!!! (Autocorrect wanted that to be “penal” …just so you know.)
      I need to exercise. I am going to exercise. One of these days. I swear it.

      Now tell me about the granola bars! Better yet– write another freaking amazing blog post about them.


  4. Hello hello!!! In addition to the library, museum & blogging suggestions above, all which I LOVE, I am going to suggest:
    – watching dramas online – korean, taiwan, american, british (e.g. sherlock)
    – watching movies online – thai movies are quite funny!
    – watching youtube videos
    – visit and see if there’s any simple jobs you can take up during your free time and make some cash at the same time
    – learn a new language! 🙂

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