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Spending Freeze: Day One

Napkin and I have a daily routine where we talk on the phone while I’m on my way home from the theatre. This is about as adorable as it sounds… because wherever he is, he stops, excuses himself, and goes outside to talk to me about his day. He has done this at band practice, a pretty big concert, dinner with friends, etc. It’s not a long conversation but it happens every day around the same time…we talk while I drive home and then after I’ve gotten into my apartment safely he goes back to whatever he was doing. It’s the little things, y’all.

I mention this because last night I was coming home from the theatre and told him I had blogged about going on a spending freeze. (Napkin, for the most part, doesn’t read my blog. I don’t think he wants to see himself with a cat head.) He asked what that meant, and I told him that I had committed to not spending any money for a whole week. His response was:

“One week? How about three weeks…?”

Come on, dude! I gotta start somewhere! Bro!

I then forced him to act excited and proud of me. And that’s pretty much the way things go between he and I.

Anyway! I’ve made it through one day so far!

After I blogged yesterday I went to work and did a show. Before I left, I scoured my cabinets for recipe ideas and realized I had everything for the pheaux kielbasa and sauerkraut crock-pot recipe I blogged about last year. I set that all up and hit the road!

Our shows on Tuesday night end earlier than other days of the week… so when I got home, I had a little more time to think about that Adidas Originals Track Jacket I’ve been slobbering over for a while on Ebay.



But I was strong! I had a phone date with Sissy and then I ate dinner and let myself be carried away by the sweet insanity of my latest Korean Drama. (Do you remember the last one I watched? I mean, you should read that post for the Sailor Moon GIFs, if anything. Anyway, this new one I’m watching has… you know… less death.)


(It’s called Secret Garden, if you’re interested. It’s B.A.N.A.N.A.S. …but in a less tragic way. Also, please forgive the throw pillow in a paper bag on the floor. It’s one of Princess Molly’s many thrones. She loves a dang bag.)

I also drank the biggest glass of wine in the whole town of Murl Beach which, for whatever reason, lead to my taking this picture for you:

photo 1

Maybe I had plans to show you how, I don’t know, surprised I am by the amount of makeup I have to wear every day? I know it looks a little more natural in this picture– but I swear it’s a lot. #questionmark.jpg

Anyway, I was in bed pretty shortly after my sudden glamour shots session that didn’t make a lick of sense. And because my glass of wine was HUGE, I slept like a brick. And sleep is free!

Tomorrow, I’ll do more productive, interesting things for FREE DOLLARS!

Just you wait!



6 thoughts on “Spending Freeze: Day One

  1. Not gonna lie, I’ve been terrible keeping my end of the bargain for the spending freeze (especially since I have to see a play for theater appreciation, been eating outside food, and going to Orlando this weekend) but congrats to you! Also, Secret Garden! I watched the first episodes but I stopped when semester started but I heard great things about it.

    • Be strong, dude!! (I’m an expert because I’ve made it through TWO whole days, right?) And!! Secret Garden is SO FREAKING CUTE. It gets a little bananas towards the middle but the two main characters make the weird storyline worth watching. I recommend! AND ITS FREE DOLLARS.

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