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Spending Freeze: Day Three


Sorry I missed a couple of days of spending freeze updates… My mom and Little Bro surprised me with a visit! But we’ll get to that in a minute.

Day three was a pretty short day and, because of that, easy to get through without spending any money. I mentioned in day two’s post that I had head shots for the theatre… so the little time I had left after the usual errands and such was spent trying to perfect my neckline for my “official” photo for my new job.


Want to take a little guessy-poo at which one I chose? I figured a tee with a statement necklace was the easiest way to say, “I don’t care about taking this photo– but I also want you to like me.”


I had to be at the theatre at three, so I made myself some food and packed a cooler so that I wouldn’t feel tempted to stop by the delicious sushi place that’s next door to my job. I’m also trying to eat little bits through the day so I don’t eat super late so this worked to my advantage all around.

I got to work early. (THIS IS A VERY RARE THING FOR ME, OKAY?) I spent a stupid amount of time on my make-up… I needed to look natural but somewhat photogenic. Here’s the thing: I’m not photogenic at all. So I painstakingly contoured and messed around in hopes of making myself look flawlessly unconcerned with my appearance.



When it was finally time for my photo to be taken, the photographer asked me to pose and because I don’t know how to pose, I basically did this:



(You should basically visit AwkwardSchoolPictures every day. It’s hilarious.)


So after I took what will probably be my worst photo ever, I took advantage of the weather and had a little solo picnic outside, while talking to Napkin for a bit.


(That’s homemade fried rice with an egg, yet another trash bag meal for whatever you have left over in your kitchen. The filter made it look more appetizing. Ahem.)


I got some pretty righteous vitamin D and then the work day went on as usual. When I got home, my mom called and told me that she and my little bro were thinking about coming to visit and asked if I thought it was alright.

“Of course!’ I said.
“When are you planning on it?”

Then she dropped the “tomorrow!” bomb on me and I went into panic mode.

The thing about my spending freeze (and my love of food) is that I’ve been really diligent about not getting ANYTHING from the grocery store. I’m relying solely on what I’ve got and making it work. Spring cleaning, I guess. My mom and little bro are both carnivorous and totally NOT DOWN with my new-age-hippy-shit diet, so I was left with no other option…

I had to break my spending freeze.


Little bro celebrated his birthday a couple weeks ago and I decided that, if I had to spend money, we might as well have a little belated birthday party. (This could also have been because I was really bored of trash bag meals. We’ll never know.) And so, friends, I broke my promise to you.

My mom and little bro arrived the next afternoon and came to see my show. Napkin showed up too! We had a party! WE HAD PIZZA AND CUPCAKES DEAR LORD I MISSED PIZZA AND CUPCAKES. 


That's not how you spell it.

(Um, spelled wrong but you feel me.)


We watched a movie and just hung out Murl Beach style until we were all totally exhausted. The following morning, I broke my spending freeze AGAIN…


We had breakfast together (I only had half of my biscuit, thank you kindly…) and then mom and little bro headed back to their neck of the woods. That’s how they do it; They come, they party, they leave.

I went to work again. It was one of those days where I wanted to be anywhere else– and I especially wanted to be home with Napkin. Do you know those days? Where you’re just constantly counting down the minutes until you’re free to do what you want and be with your husband/cat/roommate/bed? It was one of those. I also realized that my work grumpiness was coming from only having eaten half a biscuit all day.

So what did I do? After I got off of work, I broke my spending freeze for the final time…


(I got mixed vegetables in garlic sauce, if you were curious.) It was half way through dinner that Napkin turned to me and said, “So… what about your spending freeze?”

I realized in that moment that I had basically spent money on everything that I had missed in ONE DAY. I was overwhelmed with guilt (but only a little bit of guilt because food is delicious.) Did I realize that my spending freeze would basically equal a diet? Nope. Am I surprised? Nope.

So, with a fantastic mouth full of broccoli I declared a reinstatement of my spending freeze! Instead of going until Tuesday of next week– I am erasing the two days where I failed and going until THURSDAY of next week!!

Will I succeed?! Absolutely!! Why?! Because I have leftovers in the fridge!


(Feel free to shake your heads in disgust at me. I don’t blame you.)


See you tomorrow!



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