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Spending Freeze: Day Two

I am currently hyper focusing on appropriate necklines (collars?) for head shots. I’ve never had a forreal head shot before and today the theatre is bringing in a photographer to take “Official” photos for the playbill. Ever since joining this show (and having my sweet friends in my dressing room help me out) I’ve learned more about makeup and hair than I ever thought possible and so now I’m confused about how ‘natural’ I’m supposed to look today. Do I wear eyelash extensions? DO I FREAKING CONTOUR?! That kind of thing. Anyway.




The weather was significantly nicer than it was the day before (less pollen…) so I spent a lot of time here.


On my sweet little porch. That just so happens to be coming together really nicely, don’t you think?

Molly was a little intimidated by all the new sounds (we face the road I live on, yuck) but she has slowly and surely gotten to the point where she can nap in the sun …and…um…I nap in the sun with her. Just not on the floor.

But I didn’t just nap! I was super inspired by all my bloggy friends who wrote me with ideas for free fun activities (keep them coming PLEASE I still have five days to go) and so I guilt tripped myself into working out.

photo 3

This wasn’t easy. Or fun. But it was FREE.

I’m making myself sound like an uber-slob. I’m not just, like, sedentary all day. I just don’t like to be seen when I work out. I like to do something to build muscle every day. But when it comes to cardio… I hate the idea of jogging. I don’t like to be miserable in front of people. I DO, however, love to play dance games on my XBox 360. I am a pro at Dance Central 3. Like, “take it to the club, girrrl.” And the only person who ever watches me is Molly! Does she make me feel bad about myself?



(“Judging you.”)

But she’s my cat and she drinks out of the toilet SO WHATEVZ.

Anyway, what I’m getting at is that it’s too nice to not be outside right now. I think Murl Beach has a very small window of time before it’s way-too-hot-to-live so I should really be utilizing the weather whilst I work on my fitness. So I worked on my fitness! And then I went to work and bragged about it.

Afterwards, I came home and made a curry because curries are basically trash bag meals. You can throw whatever you have into a pot with coconut milk and curry powder and you’ve made something edible. I’m running a little low on fancy veggies– so I made it work with snow peas, bamboo shoots and a red onion. It was…not bad. Not amazing…but not bad.

I watched another episode of Secret Garden last night and Molly joined me for the last half of it, showing me just how great she thinks the show is:



And then I passed out next to her and dreamed of all the shopping I am going to do when this spending freeze is over. If you have any cardio ideas that don’t involved being judged by your cat (or your peers) …let me know!




5 thoughts on “Spending Freeze: Day Two

  1. 1. Hooray on Day 2 for your spending freeze. I swear I will start mine next week when I’m back from Orlando so don’t think I broke my word.
    2.Nice porch! Wish we had one in our apartment ;-;
    3. I need to start running too, but now that I’ve gained newlywed weight (that’s what I’m calling it since there’s statistics of married people gaining weight) I’m also shy about running outside.
    4. Molly’s cute! And yeah, all cats judge; I know mine does—just this morning I was singing aloud and my cat looked at me how Molly is in that picture above.

    • 1. What is going on in Orlando because I bet, whatever it is, you’re going to have a blast?
      2. Thanks!! The view is sorta not awesome, but my cat loves it so what you can you do?
      3. I know a lot about happily married weight. I’ve just recently lost five pounds of it!
      4. Molly is the best! Thanks! Cats keep our egos in check. By being super judgmental. Haha!

      • I wish; it’s more of an errand trip since I gotta do my taxes and visit family. Also five pounds? I’ve only lost 3 so far and I’ve been terrible this past week ;-;. At least my cat is a chubby cutie with me ❤

      • My five pounds were a necessity because of my job (I sing at a theatre and sequin gowns don’t do anyone any favors.) I’m still working on it, I promise!

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