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Best Surprise Ever


If we know each other in real life– you’ll know that I posted a little ditty on my Facebook page a couple days ago about how I received “the best surprise ever.” I was going to blog about it that night but that whole “Are You Pregnant?” thing happened and I had to blog, angrily, about that instead.

And then there was Beyonce. And that was pressing.

But now! It’s time.

I haven’t blogged about our wedding in forever and a day… because it was almost two years ago and SO much has happened since then. Japan, house, job, Molly, long distance… we’ve covered a lot of possible blog categories in the past year and a half. That’s not to say that I don’t look back fondly, almost every day, on my wedding day and how amazing it was. The wedding was put together, with love, by people who care about us. Nearly every single vendor was a friend, music was done by friends and family, accessories and decorations were done by friends and family, our ceremony was performed by friends and family, our wedding photos were taken by a friend. Everything had a little love in it. WE ARE SO FORTUNATE TO HAVE YOU ALL IN OUR LIVES, NAPKIN AND I.

I have these memories of how awesome our families (and I mean all of you, blood related or not) are in every photo from our wedding. I have an album I go through often. I have pictures on my dressing room mirror at work that remind me. So imagine my surprise (and by surprise I mean a lot of tears and vowel sounds over my laptop keyboard) when I got a zipfile in my email inbox full of pictures I’ve never seen from the wedding weekend! A whole new take! New angles! New moments! Something I never expected!

I don’t even know what else to say other than I am full of love! So thankful! So excited to share some of these moments with you! I’ll split the photos into a few posts by day, starting with the afternoon before the wedding– where we had our rehearsal brunch. Afterwards, we were able to go over to the venue to decorate everything ourselves. All of the bridesmaids and family were there to put everything together perfectly.

Here’s a little peek into what was one of the most meaningful 48 hours of our lives:







(Speech before lunch)





(And then to the church…)


(The above picture is really funny– it’s me giving Napkin permission to go and enjoy his last night of bachelorisms while the girls and I set up the church. Also, that’s a vase with plants in it– not a massive glass of wine. 🙂 )



















And there you have it! A little sneak peek into our perfect day!


Thank you so much, Matt and Amaleeta. Again.


More soon!


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