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Best Surprise Ever: Part Three

Annnnd we’re back!

It’s not even Halloween yet, but I am currently slam-learning some background vocals for the theatre’s Christmas show, which has already become a tropical storm of stress and bad time management. The end of the current season of shows is quickly approaching– so things have been hectic. (Also, this is reason # 1,234,567,890 for my poor blogging update skills.)

Today is the perfect day for a little happy news so let’s finish our wedding day flashback, shall we?! (You can see parts one and two of my wedding day picture surprise right here!)


So, as you know from the last post, Napkin and I officially tied the knot! So now: PARTY TYME~~~~!




Jammer’s beautiful, handmade hair accessories that the bridesmaids wore!



Jammer! ❤



Jammer and Amaleeta, giving you sass (and their handmade bouquets!)



SISSY! And my father in law! (This was sissy trying her dangdest not to cry for the billionth time.)



You’ve seen this before, but here is my gorgeous bridal portrait by one of my favorites in the world, Alecia. And look at that natural bokeh! (Take that, instagram!)



“I can’t believe today is real. I can’t believe I didn’t fall down.”



“Thanks for making sure I didn’t fall down, little brother!”



…This is probably my second favorite picture from the whole surprise zipfile. I laughed ALL DAY. Sissy was terrified for me ALL DAY. This photo is just perfect. AHAHAHHAHAA.


….There are a lot of family photos and things after this, that I’ll be saving for not-the-internet. There were amazing speeches, my friends who played music beautifully all night long, food, a really funny playlist, etc. At some point, I’ll show you some hilarious photos of the photobooth that was set up at the reception. We were on the fence about the photobooth– it seemed excessive and expensive but it was one of the best decisions we made. Everyone piled into that thing all night long! Sissy made Japanese themed masks (think cute not Kabuki) and Napkin and I spent many a night laughing at the prints once they were sent to us. My favorite part about the photobooth was that it really captured how much fun everyone was having. Nothing looked forced or uncomfortable… and that was really important to me. I wanted the whole day to be fun day full of love. And it worked!

After the reception we went to my FAVORITE bar (and also my band’s home away from home) and had the unofficial after-party. I had talked to the DJ about playing a bunch of silly songs (think Beyonce and K-Pop) and had downloaded everything for us… and then his computer died. So we were left with a bunch of ridiculous songs that no one knew all night. How did that work out? PERFECTLY. The songs were TERRIBLE. It was HILARIOUS! I think there were a couple of recognizable Rihanna songs that he played (at one point I got on the stage and did a lip-sync-for-your-life, Rupaul style.)

The after-party wasn’t official or private… but it was a Sunday so we figured we would have the dance floor to ourselves. Enter this guy:



(Yes, I am LIVING for whatever song is playing.)

This guy, let’s call him 87, came in with a few of his bros while we were line dancing to some awful song. At one point, they were line dancing with us. In fact, here’s a breakdown of 87’s behavior through the night:

87 enters, sees wedding party, decides to get down.

87 wants to show everyone what he’s made of, starts breakdancing.

87 and his friends start a weird mosh pit. No one else joins in. They flail by themselves.

87 starts telling random wallflowers that he and his girl split up again tonight.

At one point, 87 cries a little bit.

87’s friends won’t have that, they start breakdancing again.

87 dances with MY MOM FOR A MINUTE OMG.

87 and his friends are laughing, have a good time.

They all disappear.


Soon after 87 and his band of merry men decided it was time to leave– Napkin and I decided to make our unofficial exit as bride and groom. My feet were absolutely positively numb. My dress was RUINED.

We hugged everyone and said our goodbyes and then started walking to our little riverfront condo (given to us for the night by my in-laws) and as we were walking my husband turned to me and said, “Let’s do that again!”


Nailed it.


Thanks for reliving this with me, yall! I hope you enjoyed it!




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