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Week 13!

Here we are!

I feel like the easiest way to start this post is to talk about the weird food pairings that are a constant part of this week. I hit week 13 and, with the help of some serious anti-nausea meds, have started actually eating! That’s not to say I can eat anything, at any time, but I feel like I’m on that part of the upswing towards the second semester where…you eat when the mood strikes. And you do it RIGHT THEN. Napkin, many a time now, has made the mad dash to the nearest subway to get me a veggie sub full of pickles and banana peppers because he KNOWS the importance of a good, pickled sandwich right now. So without further adieu! My weird foods list:

Pineapple Smoothies and Chicken Fried Tofu from Whole Foods

Cheesy Toast and Dill Pickles

Dill Pickles with More Dill Pickles and a dash of Green Olives or Banana Peppers

Biscuits with Mustard

A Fried Egg on Toast with Mayonnaise

Waffle Fries and Barbecue Sauce

Sour Patch Kids with Lemonade

Veggie Bagel Sandwiches with Salt and Vinegar Chips

Tangerines and San Pellegrino

Tangerines and more Tangerines

Seriously Five maybe six Tangerines a Day

Vegan BBQ with Extra Coleslaw

Sunchips! (Especially the Garden Harvest Kind, DEAR GOD)

Lemon Wedges and Salt (this only happened once because the thought it absolutely disgusting to me. Did I enjoy myself in the moment? Yes. But I’ll never do it again.)


Some of these are weirder than others…but you get the gist that this baby is basically pickled right now and could NOT be happier about it?! That is seriously about 90% of my food intake. And before you get all worried about my protein versus carb intake (because there’s a serious difference, I KNOW) my doctors have told me that, right now, calories are most important. I’m trying to get back some of the weight that I lost so that when the second trimester is underway I can really start being more nutritious. For the time being? It’s a pickled, sour free for all.

I’m gonna go eat my dinner!





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