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14 Weeks! We did it!

True story– I am further along than 14 weeks. But things took a turn for the worse and then the better so I am making sure that I catalog what it was like to hit the beloved second trimester!

In the last couple of posts I mentioned that I went on Diclegis because I was literally so miserable that I couldn’t work/function/live my best life. Diclegis helped SO SO SO much. It didn’t cure me by any means. I still had (HAVE) days where I’m bed ridden and barfing– but fourteen weeks marked the beginning of the end of my morning sickness and it also marked the point where we started telling family and friends that we were knocked up. A friend of mine, who I had confided in, wrote me during the first trimester to check in with me. “This can be such an isolating time,” she said. And it didn’t occur to me how right she was until that moment. IT’S SO LONELY! You’re constantly giving your friends and family excuses as to why you can’t see them. You’re sick in bed and can’t reach out for help. You’re worried sick about the health of your baby. You want to make Lemonade references to all of your Beyonce loving friends…because your baby is the size of a lemon…



…but you can’t because WHATIFSOMETHINGHAPPENS. This is how I felt anyway.

But fourteen weeks marked the beginning of a new trimester. My chances of a miscarriage went down dramatically. I began to feel safe.

So we started telling people! And it helped in so many ways. We could be excited! We were social! We weren’t just sick, we were PREGNANT! SURPRISE!

And if the diclegis helped me feel less sick, being able to be open about our pregnancy with the people that we loved made me feel HUMAN again.

SO! Not only did it mark the beginning of the second trimester, it marked the beginning of an uphill swing (please reference Beyonce with a baseball bat above) in my pregnancy.



Did the same happen for you?

More soon!


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