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Just a quick post…!

We have been really digging deep into catering. We sampled food yesterday (and by sample I meant they gave us a fifty dollar bill at the end of it, the kind you have to pay not the kind you get to spend) and food always leaves me thinking about cake. We’re gonna be creative when it comes to desserts…but for the top of whatever our wedding cake ends up being, I plan on using something handmade. Here are some of the ideas I have come across on Etsy: (which is now my go-to for inspiration!)

Why not? They’re rocks!

Because I happen to think that Napkin and this bigfoot groom have a striking resemblance!

Um… I think this a potato chip reference? How romantic?

This is absolutely adorable. Napkin and I both will happily spend a Saturday night playing video games until our eyes bleed. I remember when we first started dating and my video game knowledge made his heart flutter. I never really played Zelda a whole lot… but maybe I will now?

I would buy this clam cake topper purely for the “ooh”-ing seahorse in the background OMG!

Now listen. Before Kristen Bell was going all crazy on Ellen… I was the original Sloth fan. It took me four years before I did my sloth impression for Napkin (also called, “The ugliest face B. can make.”) It was a sign of my true love… and these things are RIDICULOUS.
And last, but certainly not least:

So Napkin’s got this thing where… even though we have played video games for hours and hours…its never enough. I suggest a walk, perhaps…or something outside of the house, away from the computer/TV/Ipad/Iphone… and this would be a sweet reminder of the days yet to come, I think. A sweet, subtle, thoughtful reminder…

More soon!


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