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HERE’S OUR REGISTRY! Also, Registry Etiquette.

It’s currently 1:30 in the morning and I am nursing some incredibly puffy eyes and cursing that early morning appointment I made for tomorrow. So before my grump-self waddles off to bed I decided to update this and share it with you:


Our Traveler’s Joy Registry


As you know now by all of the capitalized blog posts and overly excited rants, Napkin and I are going to Japan for our honeymoon. Japan, we are learning very quickly, is one of the most expensive places in the world (mostly because it’s an island and also because it rules.) In lieu of asking for something tactless like DOLLAR$ we decided to give our guests the opportunity to help us create amazing memories. But you’ll get the idea by going to our site.

Coming up with registry ideas has been a pretty interesting process. It’s pretty common for couples to live together before they get married and when you live together for a while you accumulate a lot of the things that people would expect to see on the registry. We are currently perusing a few different stores for guests who want to be a little more traditional but realistically, Napkin and I have the pots and pans, the toaster and the throw pillows that we need. (Don’t ask him about throw pillows…it’s a weakness of mine and he hates it.) So I was really unsure of how to go about doing a registry and what the etiquette was. I asked around before I decided to do a honeymoon fund, getting peoples’ opinions on whether or not it was kind of tacky and that sort of thing. Thankfully, the consensus was that it was a creative and easy way for family and friends to contribute to a once in a lifetime opportunity.  (THANKYOUINTERNET)

So then I started researching different honeymoon fund sites. Basically these are sites where you ask for monetary contributions or gift certificates to put towards your honeymoon. Guests can either put money into your bank account through paypal or receive a check in the mail to put in a cardbox (or whatever) to give to you at your shower/gathering/wedding.  I was initially drawn to honeyfund because it was one of the most popular and they charged a lesser surcharge for transactions made through paypal than a lot of the competitors. (3 % per gift transaction– we pay that, not our guests.) There is a free and premium option and if aesthetics mean anything to you– don’t go with the free option. It leaves ads on the side bar of the page when people visit and I honestly was reminded of a shady torrent site.  The premium option is currently 40.00 with a limited amount of page themes and a few unlocked features, like pictures that you can include next to each gift registry listing… which I liked a lot.

Then there was traveler’s joy. Everything that is included on honeyfund’s premium site is free with traveler’s joy. The surcharge is higher (7% per gift transaction– again we pay that, not our guests) but there is no 40.00 fee for a safe looking site. It’s easier to build, easier to manage, looped in with the knot, wedding wire and a lot of those big wedding websites… it is just an all around better choice. I should mention that both honeyfund and traveler’s joy are reviewed well so I’m not going to judge you if you choose honeyfund. I just want to let you know that. Different strokes and all.

When the site was done and I was ready for people to see it, I wasn’t sure what to do. So here are some tips about sharing your registry and still looking like a class act dame:

  • Never put registry information on your wedding invitations.
  • Tell your family. And your bridesmaids. And your groomsmen. Let them help you spread the word for showers, gatherings, etc.
  • Bridal showers were started to “shower the bride” with gifts so this event can be an exception to the rule regarding telling people directly about your registry. Let a sister know!
  • When people ask you about your registry, bat your eyelashes and look shy before you rattle off lists and stores.

That’s basically it. The internet makes it easy. Just nudge people in the right direction and they’ll help you spread the word. I’m off to avoid sleep some more and possibly make Napkin and I a wedding website… sweet dreams, normal people.


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