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Shoes, the Saga continues.

Alright, ladies. By ladies I mean everyone.

We are getting closer and so I don’t have another unnecessary freak out here are some of my final choices for shoes. I will start the list with my very favorite and go down from there.

1.) I love wedges. You know I love wedges. I EFFING LOVE THESE SHOES. They are brand new on the site (I have ordered from this site plenty of times… so I know what to expect.)


Take a look at them up close– that little stripe through the wedge is metallic. I EFFING LOVE THESE SHOES.

Yesstyle Dot Com

2.) This next pair is from the first list I sent you– half of you love, half of you don’t/haven’t written me back but they are my close second favorite and super fun.


I like the silver accent in the back and the odd, chunky heel.I ALSO EFFING LOVE THESE SHOES.

Yesstyle Dot Com

3.) This is probably the most basic, predictable choice of them all… but I still think this shoe is bitchin’ and would look great with your dresses:


In silver, obvz.

Yesstyle Dot Com

So those are my top three. I chose those three pair because they were inexpensive and unique looking… but if we can’t decide on a pair together– we could also do something like this? Just get a simple gray heel:

And find some neat shoe clips like these:

And attach them like so:

So let me know, ladies!


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