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Okay. So. Now it’s time for accessories.

Tomorrow I am going to pick up my veil. I have mixed feelings about whether or not I want to wear it… but it was included with my dress (I got to choose whichever veil I liked, which was nice) so there was no extra charge. I also like the idea of my veil being someone else’s “something borrowed” or even passed down to my daughter one day. Even if I don’t wear it on the day of my wedding– it will be a nice memento in the future. I mention my veil because I have started thinking about what I want to do with my hair and that leaves me thinking about my bridesmaids. If you have been looking at this blog for any length of time you’ll have seen a lot of posts on hair accessories and now it’s time to narrow things down and make a purchase. I don’t know why it’s so much easier for me to put together my perfect bridesmaids outfit– but it is… so for reference here’s where we are so far:

David’s Bridal “marine” colored, floor length dresses… all four of the girls have a different one. (None of which is wearing the above so take that!)

Kvoll pump from …I’ve bullied the girls into this shoe, threatening (or promising) them pewter flats as long as they cooperate.

Low up-dos with hair accessories. ACCESSORIES. One of my favorite words, one of my favorite things to collect… one of my favorite things to “research.”

I’ve seen a lot of beautiful, inexpensive ones on Etsy– so ladies, take a look at these and tell me what your heart desires. (I kept the price range between 15 to 20 a piece– but some of these hair accessories come in sets of two so we can save even more!)

I’ll include pictures of what I’m thinking for my own hair so you can see how complimentary these would be.

For me:

I may wear my veil during the ceremony and then a headband during the reception like so:

Or putting my hair up after the ceremony and putting something like this in it:

So for you babes:

Crystal Hair Pins by LiveLoveBead – A set of three and simple and sparkly.

Clear Crystal hair Vines by JasFavor – A set of two. I’m a little worried about these getting lost in pictures and stuff but I still really love them.

Fresh Water Pearl and Crystal Hair Pin by JasFavor – This is one of my favorites. Let me know if you have a thing against pearls.

Silver and Crystal Bridal Hair Pins by AStylishDesign – They’re vintage!!

Freshwater Pearls and Silver Crystal Hair Pins by AnnaPanik – More pearls… a little girly.

And then there’s a more vintage feel. These are all along the same lines as each other… the only thing I worry about is that the vintage ones (despite being my favorite type) get a little blocky and I really like the idea of the spare viney-ness of the ones above and how great they would look in a low maintenance up do. But I can be sold super easily. These for example:

Silver Vintage Inspired Hair Comb by CarolinesCombs

Wedding Crystal Bridal Comb by BCGirls

Pearl and Rhinestone Comb by Get Noticed

So ladies (and anyone else who has an opinion, comments on my blog sorta make my day) let me know what you’re thinking and, just like shoes, I can do a bulk order.


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