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What about my shoes!? And! Another Hint!

I can’t sleep…So here’s a haiku:


I picked up my veil

It is even better

Than it was in dreams.


I laid down to go to sleep but I keep contemplating what I should do about wearing my veil… so I decided to let the whole thing rest for a while and look at shoes instead. Ladies and gentleman– I have narrowed my shoe choices down to three.


First pair:

Joan and David Dabanas

I love these shoes. I love the scalloped edges. The only thing that has kept me from buying them immediately is that I JUST CAN’T TELL IF I LIKE THAT PATTERN/TEXTURE. The embellishments on my dress are many and silver… and this pump looks like it would highlight that beautifully. I think? Or it will come off as WAY too casual and I will have a panic attack and walk down the aisle panting and barefoot.

Next pair:

Dune Anise Platforms

These stupid shoes are absolutely perfect. They are simple, they are complimentary and they are amazing. THEY ARE ALSO EFFING EXPENSIVE. I keep trying to tell myself that a shoe like this would be a great idea because despite their height they look and have been reviewed to be super comfortable.


Last Pair:

Poure La Victoire Dainas

Another classic, romantic pair of shoes. I like this slate gray color the most… also an arm and a leg.


So I need help. Here’s another hint of my dress to give you a little reminder (you can also go HERE and HERE) …what do you think? Do you like any of these? Does it matter?







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