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Watashi Wa Nihongo o Manande Imasu

Since I got my Ghibli Museum Tickets yesterday, Japan has definitely been on the brain. And I realized that I haven’t let you in on another recent hobby of mine! Learning (conversational) Japanese!

I’m not very good at it… but I’m trying! I also haven’t told you about it because…well… I’m afraid you’ll think that I am this girl:

And good for her, you know!? I’m sure dressing up like Sailor Moon is way fun… I…um.

I’m also afraid you think I’m trying to be this girl:


I’ve been learning Japanese so that when we get to Japan I don’t feel totally out of place.. I want to be able to say things like,

“When is the next train coming?”

“I am vegetarian!”

“We are on our honeymoon!”

“Let’s go dancing!”

…you get the idea. So, in order to show my family and friends how hard I’ve been studying, I made a youtube video that I’m going to share. We are registered at Traveler’s Joy (which has been amazing, so far) and I filmed a little thank you note that starts playing when you visit the site.

Here it is!

Not bad, right?! Well it was harder than it looks. It took me, like, 70 takes to get it right. (Yes, I had notes.) For your consideration:

Do I have any serious Japanese speakers out there? How bad am I!? (Be nice.)


5 thoughts on “Watashi Wa Nihongo o Manande Imasu

  1. Your flub take wasn’t even that bad until you got frustrated, and I think your final take was really impressive: such a sweet thing for your guests! I’m sure it’ll make them even more likely to want to help support your trip.

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