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The One Month Mark

I can’t believe it. I am one month away from marrying Napkin.

I gave myself a moment in the middle of an incredibly hectic day to think of something happy and my mind immediately went to this past weekend. Two great friends of mine got married in an apple orchard in the mountains of North Carolina and as I watched them say their vows it hit me that I, too, am about to marry my best friend. Everything has been a  little sweeter with that realization.

Here’s to you, dude. Let the countdown begin.


2 thoughts on “The One Month Mark

  1. The pictures from the wedding this weekend are beautiful: how cool that you got to see someone else say their vows just before you’re about to say yours! I bet this month will fly by and soon you’ll be marrying your best friend!!

    • It was pretty inspiring. Girl! I keep trying to respond to your blog posts but it won’t let me (I think it’s because I don’t have a blogger account.) I loved your engagement story! No wonder you’re having a fairytale wedding!

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