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Bachelor Party

So, as I write this, it’s late Sunday morning and my house is perfectly still and quiet. I’m laying in the center of the bed (the place I can never seem to find with my big ole’ fiance laying beside me.) This never ever happens. The reason why it is happening now is because last night was Napkin’s bachelor party!

That’s riiiiiight. The dreaded bachelor party. When researching ideas for this blog post, my google image search came up pret.ty. nas.ty. The “Bachelor Party Ideas” google search was basically boobs and beer. I wonder what Napkin will be like when he comes home? Will he be totally strung out with someone else’s cheap bra still slung over his shoulder?
**UPDATE** It’s now Sunday night because Napkin came home way early (totally lucid and sober, I might add.) In fact, when he came home I was sitting around in a face mask enjoying my long morning with a little blogging. When the door opened I flew out of bed and locked myself in the bathroom, convinced it was a stranger.

So here’s how the bachelor party went. Napkin’s rad friends took him to a rad music festival where they watched rad bands and stayed up late being rad with each other. And when he came home (and I unlocked the bathroom door) this is what I found:

The boys even went out for donuts this morning. No hair of the dog, nothing. AND! I got some! As a present?! Who does that?!

Way to be awesome, Napkin. Way to be awesome, Napkin’s friends.
My only fear is that, with Napkin having had a pretty tame bachelor party, there’s still a wild hair on him somewhere. Should I be worried?


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