New Bride…New Home?

So you get a two-fer today.

One of the reasons my last post was published so late after I started it was because we went and looked at a few houses yesterday.

Our little apartment is officially for sale.

We are trying to move into a home that we can actually fathom starting a family in. (Don’t jump the gun, moms!) Now before I go any further, I have to be honest with you. I wasn’t ready to sell our house. It all happened really fast and Napkin and I had a serious argument about it. (sadface.jpg) As the majority of you reading this blog know, planning a wedding is a pretty big deal. Pile that on top of planning an overseas honeymoon and working the busiest summer of your life– anyone would be overwhelmed. And, in the best way, I am overwhelmed. I have never sold a home before (I moved into this bachelor pad well after Napkin had signed the papers) and was totally unprepared for the amount of work that selling includes. The cleaning, the open houses, the repairs, the WORK.

I simply don’t have time!

…Well, I keep finding time and getting things done. In fact, we have already had one showing of the house.
No more bitching.

Today, when Napkin came home from his bachelor party, I made him tell me every single gritty (= wholesome) detail and then we met with our real estate agent who showed us a few homes that she thought we would like. And then I saw her.

My dream home.

Oh, she is imperfect. She has so many problems… but I LOVE HER. And so does Napkin. So much so that we have already requested a second showing with a carpenter who can give us some estimates on possible repairs. She has three bedrooms, three baths, mostly hardwood floors (carpet in the bedrooms) and so much room to grow that I’m almost intimidated. All night long I have dreamed about fixing her up… where I would put the Christmas tree, where the cat would sleep. All the fun places for my friends to come over and hang. I literally spent hours updating our Target registry with dream furniture that would fit the house beautifully. (I took tons of pictures and videos.)

So if you love me at all, keep your fingers crossed that we don’t find terrible issues with the house and that one day we can call it our home. I promise we’ll have you over for dinner.


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