Tomorrow Is A Big Day

Hey. I’m such a bad blogger!
Right now I’m staying the night at Napkin’s parents’ house. Tomorrow we are heading to the town where I’ll be living for my new job. (#mystery.jpg)
I’ve narrowed my apartments down to four so we are meeting with a few people and hopefully… HOPEFULLY… signing a contract for one. I really need this whole apartment thing to be done so that I can sleep at night. Or, you know, find something else new-job-related to freak out over. So wish me luck with all that?
In other news, I had my last show with my band on New Years Eve a few days ago. It was bittersweet. The show itself started out wonderfully! I was singing for a lot of familiar faces. I got weepy a few times. Then, the night wore on (it was New Years Eve, after all) and people started getting sloppy, making out with strangers, fighting, etc. By the end of the show I had convinced myself that I was ready to move on. As I was getting ready to leave– I realized that I wasn’t going to see my band as often and I really, really lost it. Like, sweet drunk girls I didn’t know were coming up to me and wiping my tears away. (#awkward.jpg)

At least I was crying on a night when a bunch of other people are drunkenly walking down the street doing the same thing? I dunno. Napkin was with me and incredibly sweet and it started to really sink in that, even though we won’t be living in the same place, we are still together.

It’s made the last few days a little easier. And exciting! I’m not gonna lie! I’m starting to really let myself feel good. And proud, you know? Like… I did it. I succeeded.

I’m sure I’ll freak out tomorrow morning but for now I’m content and feeling a little more prepared to take on this new adventure… (Adventure is such a lame word for it but I’m tired and my face mask is starting to get itchy…)


I’ll let you know how it all goes!


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