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Spending Freeze: Day Five

What up, y’all.

There’s not much to report in the way of financial thriftiness from the last two days. In fact, I’m just sitting here eating the last of the egg salad (another solid trash bag meal idea) with triscuits that are WAY TOO HARD (my neighbors can hear me, I’m sure) …trying to think up a way to make this post more than a couple sentences long.

Rewind to a couple days ago. Immediately after hitting ‘publish’ on my last post, I got a call from the production manager of the theatre letting me know that one of the other singers was out sick. I knew what this meant. This meant I would have to cover for her. What I didn’t realize was just how exhausting that was going to be.

There are three girl singers in the show and we all have pretty hefty work loads. I have the least, right now, because I’m the new power puff girl.


photo 2


I was given a list of songs to learn (in a couple hours.) It was mostly harmony stuff and group numbers so the focus was really elsewhere, which was a relief. We do songs by other artists, and it’s stuff you’ve heard a million times. But when you have to do it a certain way or sing a certain harmony part– it gets a little scary.

The other singer, who is fantastic, was given the feature songs to cover. We made it through the show with very little (read: no) run-through and at the end of it, we were exhausted. Proud of ourselves, but exhausted.

At one point during intermission, Stage Mama (let’s call the production manager ‘Stage Mama’) came to check in on us. I told her I was fine (because why tell everyone you’re very close to anxious-peeing on yourself, right?) and asked her for advice about what I should learn for the next night, should the other singer still be sick. She basically said, “Everything.”

You know where this is going.

The following morning, I got another call. The other singer was still out sick. This time, a lot of the features fell on me. See, I had put myself out there. I had basically said, “Put me in, coach! Put me in!” And so they did.

I still relied really heavily on Ms. Fantastic (the other singer’s blog pseudonym from this point on) for cues and pointers and general advice about how not to fall down. My friends in the dressing room were super supportive.

“You’ve got this!” They said.

“Don’t pee on yourself!” They warned.

And just like that, it was over. I did it! With a few mistakes, sure– but I’m still pretty proud of myself. I’m obsessive when it comes to practicing and don’t like to do anything spontaneously and I feel like I really conquered a fear for myself.

After a bunch of really sweet high-fives, I came home. On the way, I realized that I was slumped over my steering wheel like a baby after lunch. I got home, fed Molly and immediately did this:

photo 1


And boy, did I sleep. All that anxiety and lyric cramming really got to me.

The point of this post, I guess, is that I haven’t even really had time to think about spending money. All I’ve done is stress and sleep, pretty much. And both of those are free!

Also, I need more hobbies!


See you tomorrow!



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