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Real Talk

Ugh. I just stopped myself from searching local stores that sold chalk paint and sand paper at one in the morning. That was after I stopped myself from attempting to reupholster a chair cushion (I’ve had a glass of wine, nothing good will come from that.) I’m craving some serious hobby time so I settled … Continue reading

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New Things!

Oh man. I got a new thing. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Something you should know about me: I have ALWAYS driven beater cars. Even now, if we’re being honest, I prefer them. They’re worn in and less expensive. You don’t have to worry about parking sixteen miles away from wherever it is you’re going out of fear … Continue reading

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Murl Beach Visits

I’ve got some serious sads right now, so forgive me for dropping off the blog-planet. I’ve considered talking about them here– but they’re dumb and I can’t find a way to include goofy Sailor Moon memes, so that post is for another day. I’ve also been really busy with work. Right now, for example, I’m … Continue reading