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Spending Freeze: Day Six and Day Seven

What up, playas.

I’m currently in a beautiful farm house recording some music– so I totally stole the wi-fi and snuck away so I could write you a really quick, boring post.



There isn’t much to write about to be honest with you.

I wrote you about how things went bonkers because one of the other singers in the show was out… and after my last post she was out for another two days. So, basically, all I did was stress and cram and talk about my anxiety with Molly. All of these things are free. Not good for my overall health… but free.

That’s all that really happened.

The morning after it was all over, (and we knew that the other singer was coming back to work) I celebrated with a ridiculous-milkshake-coffee-drink-thing from Starbucks.

I had a coupon for some table stuff at World Market and had been eyeing some napkins (haha, eyeing some “Napkins”) that were on sale so I BOUGHT THEM WITH DOLLARS. 





Then, I realized I was trying to make up for lost time and was spending way TOO MANY DOLLARS so I went home and played Dance Central before heading to the theatre for work.

And that’s that!


Did I learn anything? Sure, I learned that I spend way too much money on useless crap. I also learned that I really love useless crap.

BUT! I also learned that I sort of enjoy saving money. It challenged me to be more active and I did a lot more cooking that normal for Murl Beach. And I found myself eating better. Also, my apartment stayed spotless.

OH! And! I found another ridiculous Korean Drama on Netflix that I’m obsessed with… but that’s for another post.


So my “spiritual journey” of dollar free days has come to a very anti-climatic end. I couldn’t have done it without you, my (very tiny) audience of supporters.






More soon! ❤




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