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Murl Beach Visits

I’ve got some serious sads right now, so forgive me for dropping off the blog-planet. I’ve considered talking about them here– but they’re dumb and I can’t find a way to include goofy Sailor Moon memes, so that post is for another day.

I’ve also been really busy with work. Right now, for example, I’m learning some weirdo harmonies that don’t make any sense in my music brain… but they had better start making sense because I have to sing them TONIGHT. 

As a way of breaking my daily habit of pouting and Korean Drama watching, I decided to blog about this past weekend! Because it was a good one! Sissy and Little Bro came to visit!

Sissy hadn’t seen my Murl Beach digs yet (or the show, for that matter) so it made perfect sense that she would come and spend the weekend with me and Little Bro! Napkin was out of town for a bachelor party (UGH) so the timing was perfect. And y’all, we had so much fun.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this or not but we actually grew up in Murl Beach. A lot has changed since then. But! All the changes have made it a really fun place to visit. (If you’re me, you just imagine you’re on one long extended vacation.) Our little get together consisted of A LOT of food and A WHOLE LOTTA arcades. We grew up playing video games together. In fact, if you needed to define us by game titles, it would go like this:

SISSY: Final Fantasy VII

LITTLE BRO: Grand Turismo

ME: Metal Gear Solid (with a splash of Tekken.)


When we get together, we have a tendency to hole ourselves up and play games. The weather was gorgeous and Murl Beach has redone its boardwalk, so we took advantage of the daylight and headed over to the boardwalk and into a dark arcade to spend hours staring at computer screens. Ahem.  But we also were on a quest for tickets so that we could acquire stuff…like…uh…this!




And this! (Is this legal? I don’t think it is.)



(Who doesn’t want a freaking “splat ball” or a “ninja star,” am I right?)

Sissy did a lot of the documenting for this weekend, and Little Bro and I had a battle of strengths:




(Totally won, by the way. I’m a beast.)

Other than that, we people watched with our ticket-won stuffed lobsters and hacky-sacs. We also stumbled across the most amazing food stand:


I know nothing of their ice-cream or their “snack” but I do know that we all went twice over the course of Friday and Saturday to get slushies because they had an INSANE menu. The six flavors we tried were: maple nut, apricot, rum, black cherry, pina colada and banana. And those were some of the more tame ones!

I had to work throughout the whole weekend (my schedule is starting to break my spirit a little bit) so our days were broken up, but luckily I got off early enough that we were able to watch movies and goof off at the beach house. On the final day they were here, Sissy, Little Bro and I drove through our old neighborhood. We grew up on the south end of the beach, near the water. Despite having lived here in Murl Beach for nearly five months… I hadn’t gone back to where I grew up. Do you ever have one of those moments? Where you go somewhere, or smell something of hear a song or whatever– and it totally takes you back to a really specific memory?




This spot took me right back to being a kid. I mean, I could have closed my eyes and been twelve and scooping up sea water with my pig-tailed sister. It was crazy. And special. I can’t really think of an articulate way to describe it without being more awkward than usual… it was just overwhelming. In a good way.

It rained a lot on the last day that Sissy and Little Bro were in town. In fact, it started raining right after I took this picture. We walked on the beach for a little while before the rain got to the point where it wasn’t fun anymore. Then we stopped by our favorite hangout as kids:

The Flea Market. 

Oh man. How many Sundays did I spend digging through some comic book dude’s stockpile of VHS tapes for an anime that I hadn’t seen? How many little Asian themed trinkets did I go home with? How many Sno-cones did I wear on my face and down my shirt while I victoriously stomped home with some plastic sword while Sissy followed behind me with a brand new haul of flower hair clips? We went EVERY week. The mall didn’t matter. The skating rink didn’t matter. The flea market was all we ever needed.

And it hasn’t changed at all! It’s crazy. Some of the same people are there. Meaning they’ve been there for over 20 years! It’s like a museum of my childhood!

It really rained hard while we were at the flea market– so we wandered around the covered parts, killing time by ordering french fries at the “restaurant.”



(Don’t blame Little Bro for that face… the fries were HOT.)


The rain cleared up long enough for us to make it back to the car (with one more stop at the boulevard arcade for good measure) …and then we went home. I took out some leftovers from the weekend while Sissy and Little Bro packed and finally they hit the road.


I realized how long it had been since I had seen my family and I was suddenly so depressed about my schedule. How it doesn’t let me see the people that I love. It would be selfish to expect everyone to flock to me– but it’s the only choice I’ve got right now and I’m just super bummed about it. I have a great group of friends here. I’m busy as shit all the time. So it’s not really boredom or a lack of interaction or anything… It’s just that most everyone I love is really far away and that’s the worst. And that’s on top of the already kickin’ sads I’ve been dealing with over the past little while.

And I just can’t seem to shake them, y’all! I’m usually the most fun nutcase in the room but I feel sort of heavy right now. What do you do when you hit a spot of the sads? Cake isn’t the answer, I know… But what makes you feel better? A new hobby? A spray tan?


Any ideas would be appreciated. And I promise not to turn this blog into one of “THOSE BLOGS” with sad quotes and gifs of TV show actresses that are crying.



More soon! And thanks for the advice. ❤



One thought on “Murl Beach Visits

  1. Learn an instrument! Tell you what. Since we have break next week I’ll be going home. You know what I left at home? My extra guitar! If you’re willing to learn, I’ll give it to you for free. And it’s really no bother, whenever I have extra instruments that I don’t use anymore, I always give them away- never sell them. I know how much learning music has impacted my life, so when others show an interest I give it to them if I can. I’ve given away a bass guitar, an acoustic, and two keyboards. And as far as I know, my spare guitar should be at my old church still. So if you want it, it’s yours! You could also invest in computer games and we could totally enter nerd world after work if you’re ever bored. And know you’re not alone on the heavy feels. I left all of my family in Florida and started with a blank slate coming up here. Anyways, here’s to hoping for that duet! I’m seriously so stoked at the possibility of that song making it into the show.

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