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Oh man! Today is such an eventful day! In fact, the past couple of weeks have been a total blur. The same stuff that I always blog about has happened –just in massive quantities.
But today is different! Because tonight is the last night that I work before I get a FOUR DAY BREAK FROM WORK! How will I spend it, you ask? What wild and crazy plans have I made?
I’m going to go home and live in my house for a few days! (Cue fireworks!)
I know this is totally sad- but I’m really looking forward to being in my house and doing some spring cleaning inside and in the yard. …And maybe not singing for a few days.

And Molly is coming with me! Of course I am really excited about that… But I’m also super nervous. If you haven’t read about her first experience in a car– here it is— in all of it’s melodramatic glory. I’ve got my fingers crossed that we don’t have a repeat of her near-death experience and I’m planning on giving her a heavier dose of the sedative I gave her last time. Best case scenario? She sleeps through the whole thing, remembers her first house and is totally cool as a cucumber the whole weekend. And maybe she puts on little cute cat-riding gloves or something. I dunno.


I’ll keep you updated on Molly-Gate.

The most important thing you need to know about Molly is that today is her BIRTHDAY!!


It was exactly one year ago, today, that Napkin and I brought her home from the animal shelter. (Relive it here!) I think it was probably right about now that I was crying over a cardboard box in the passenger seat of Napkin’s car while a very afraid Molly was thinking, “WTF!!!!”

So much has changed since then. Molly and I have moved into a little girl-pad in Murl Beach. She is no longer afraid of bathrooms.


She naps wherever I am. She is talkative and sweet and funny and totally laid back and a WEIRDO.
She is my bestest little bud.

I’m trying to be super sweet to her before we have to leave tonight. I even let her have the last bite of my yogurt this morning:


And! I have a gift for her! Molly has loved this little feather wand toy HARD since I brought it home from Target’s clearance isle. It USED to have lots of feathers and corn stalks on it– but I think she ate all of those…? I ended up finding another one at another Target a few months ago and made sure to pick it up. Hopefully, she will love it the same as the first one. I’ll probably give it to her once we get home (maybe it will be a good distraction device.)

Anyway, that’s my short little update for now. I have one more show tonight before I swoop Molly up and head back home for a well-needed break from Murl Beach.
If you’re in my part of the world– I hope you get a break too!

And Happy Birthday, Molly! You’ve made me a crazy cat lady and I love you for it!!


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