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Sequined Shorts Made for Bowling


There’s a ton of stuff for me to catch you up on!

But let’s do a little #ThrowbackThursday first. (It isn’t Thursday, but whatever.)

Back at the end of October (which was also the last time I blogged, whoopsie) I celebrated my birthday here in good ol’ Murl Beach. I have such a good little crew of beautiful people and I wanted to do something that included booze and food but wasn’t ONLY about booze and food. BINGO is super, super popular here (which is the weirdest thing in the world, I know) but I wasn’t sure that it was the most exciting choice. And then, with the help of my friends, it hit me.



Or BO-ing. You know.


After work, we all decided to meet at the Bowling Alley. I swung by the house first to pick up my sweet ol’ big ol’ Napkin (who was in town) and he loaded a strange looking, covered up package into the back seat and off we went!

And y’all. It was GLORIOUS.


It looked like a scene out of a K-pop video**** and we immediately were blasted with Beyonce videos when we walked in the door. PERFECTION.

At one point, I walked away to go order food and a (cheap!) pitcher of beer and when I came back, Napkin had made a cake and everyone sang to me! The strange package that Napkin had tucked into the car! A CAKE! MY FAVORITE THING! In the black lights! Cake in the black lights!!


(It was a red velvet cake made from scratch. After I learned what was in it and how Napkin made it, I of course went around bragging about how it had beets in it to make it red. I was promptly told, by Napkin, to stop doing that. Ahem.) Here’s a picture of it before I ate it all!


True love is someone trying to spell your name with baby m&ms.

Anyway! We ate cake! And then, we basically bowled our faces off.


Napkin started strong… and also tried to explain how to bowl to me many, many times. I’ve been bowling before, but it was always to hang out and never to, you know, win or anything. And so I did the thing I always do: I listen very intently and then immediately “granny bowl”, switch hands, etc.

Speaking of granny bowling! I got two strikes that night and they were both from granny bowling! Pure luck? I think not! (Yes.)


Here’s my friend Gee trying my tried and true technique….


And nailing it!!!!!

And that was basically the entire time! We bowled for three hours like it was nothing! We, of course, got a pizza and fried somethings (I don’t remember what. Maybe pickles?) and took little dance breaks. I fell down on the lane while trying to bowl seriously. This was to be expected. It happens often. (It happened last night at work, for goodness sake.) But, even with (an expected) tumble, we had a great time! My biggest and only regret was that I didn’t get a picture of the whole group– but here’s my dressing room girls and I trying really hard to show you that we were SERIOUS about kicking your ass at bowling. In the black lights.


(^^My sequin shorts! For bowling!)

I’m super thankful for such an amazing group of friends. It was a great party! And we were all sore the next day! Haha!

More soon! Miss yall!


****K-Pop Video for Black Light Reference:


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