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Here’s the Big One. (Or: Closing A Door.)

No excuses this time. Just picking the figurative blogging pen up again.
I guess it’s time to tell you the massive story about the house so that I can start moving forward with this blog. Things continue to happen but without the backstory it’s impossible to blog about anything else. So! Let’s start with the biggie:
As all six of you who read this blog know… napkin and I decided to buy a second home. (See this and this if you need to catch up.) 

The blogging left off at that frustrating time when the builders of our house were WAY behind schedule (100 days, to be exact) and where I was going crazy enough to drive by the lot of our soon-to-be house on a daily basis, waiting for some piles of dirt to be moved or a sign posted. I was waiting for ANYTHING to change. 
But nothing ever did. 
We got to the point where we were forced to find a quick apartment to live in because our time was up at the beachfront condo and we were spending more and more money waiting on this building company to do their job. 
We were literally buying time.

Our real estate agent, who was incredible through this whole process, went from hearing noncommittal answers from the builders to hearing nothing at all to being straight ignored. Napkin and I began to see the signs that this house was never going to be built. Not for us, anyway.
I think the hardest thing through the whole process was that Napkin and I were in such different places, emotionally. I was patient and overly understanding of what would ultimately be a bunch of bullshit. My husband, on the other hand, was ready to throw in the towel early on. It had taken us so long to come up with a plan of any kind… And to see it start to unravel in a way that we had no control over… Made the entire thing undesirable pretty quickly.

The final straw came on a little vacation that Napkin and I had at the end of May. The theatre I work at closed for a few days and Napkin and I went home to our forever house to pretend to be normal and figure out what we were going to do. 

We got a call from our real estate agent that confirmed the worst. The building company, and all of their excuses, had been lies. They had mismanaged our money, they couldn’t secure a loan to start building and they had never even applied for building permits. 
So, on our back porch in the perfect little house that’s too far away from the rest of our lives, we pulled the plug on the second house. 
I believe in signs, my husband believes in working with people that we can trust… And we were surprised by how quickly we were relieved and ready to move on with our lives. It was a hundred days that should have been exciting. Instead, it was a hundred days of waiting and worrying. 
And so that’s the story. 

We are currently in a little rental place that’s a few streets away from where the house was supposed to be– tucked away with Wilbur and Molly and trying to figure out what to do next! Onto the next chapter, right?



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