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Like A Punch In The Face (Poll!)

This morning, it hit me. It really, really hit me. Before I go further, we’re going to rejoice together for a second, okay? Because yesterday Napkin and I made our first purchase as husband and wife! We got a new mattress set! (I know. If I were reading this I’d make sex jokes too.) But … Continue reading


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Post Wedding Fog

So. Don’t tell Napkin, but I’ve spent the past few mornings laying in bed, eating leftover cheese cubes from our wedding caterer and watching the entire first season of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” (I just needed to know, okay? I just needed to know.) Anyway, I’m affectionately referring to this time as post-wedding-fog. Anyone … Continue reading

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Oh, Amaleeta. Higher than the moon. Amaleeta is my oldest friend. She and I met when she had been shuttled down from Connecticut as a scared eighth grader to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where we both were terrified of everything. (This sums up where we grew up pretty nicely.) We remember the story differently, but … Continue reading