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Here We Go Again (For the First Time.)

I was just sitting here eating a freeze dried popsicle, recalling a conversation that I had with Jammer a few nights ago about life choices and things I wish I was better at… when I realized that I hadn’t TOUCHED my blog in MONTHS. I have a tendency to stop blogging when things are boring … Continue reading



Forced Goals!

Just a quick update to let you know that, after years of hemming and hawing over it, I bought my domain name! This is definitely a ploy to motivate myself into more blogging in 2015. My blog address is now:   WWW.TYINGTHEKNOTWITHNAPKIN.COM   I don’t think you have to to do anything differently, but if … Continue reading


Second Year Anniversary

Year two! We did it! I’m going to disrupt my already super delayed third part of my surprise wedding photos series (or whatever that run-on sentence is supposed to say) because today is a special day! It’s our second wedding anniversary! We actually celebrated this past weekend because of the whole, you know, long distance … Continue reading