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New Section: HobBAES!

  …And you thought I was joking. Yes, I went and bought chalk paint at a reasonable hour! And yes, after all that Pinterest searching, I cut my hair off!With all these impending life changes, I’ve been obsessively looking for things to do when I go home. There are A TON of home repairs that … Continue reading

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Real Talk

Ugh. I just stopped myself from searching local stores that sold chalk paint and sand paper at one in the morning. That was after I stopped myself from attempting to reupholster a chair cushion (I’ve had a glass of wine, nothing good will come from that.) I’m craving some serious hobby time so I settled … Continue reading

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I can’t believe it’s been September since I’ve written here. There are SO MANY things to catch up on but right now I just need an outlet so I’m going to pretend that you know everything and then (maybe, who knows) use that as a way to motivate myself to ACTUALLY bring this blog up … Continue reading