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Murl Beach Visits

I’ve got some serious sads right now, so forgive me for dropping off the blog-planet. I’ve considered talking about them here– but they’re dumb and I can’t find a way to include goofy Sailor Moon memes, so that post is for another day. I’ve also been really busy with work. Right now, for example, I’m … Continue reading


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Spending Freeze: Day Two

I am currently hyper focusing on appropriate necklines (collars?) for head shots. I’ve never had a forreal head shot before and today the theatre is bringing in a photographer to take “Official” photos for the playbill. Ever since joining this show (and having my sweet friends in my dressing room help me out) I’ve learned … Continue reading

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New Digs

Also: Lonely Digs. Anxious Digs. Happy Digs. Diet Digs. So, this is a little bit of a back-blog. (Have you been waiting by the edge of your laptop/smartphone?) It’s pretty late in my neck of the woods but I just got the first bit of “official” promo for my new job and now I’m obsessed … Continue reading